33 Great Couples Tattoo Ideas

33 Great Couples Tattoo Ideas

33 Great Couples Tattoo Ideas

What’s the perfect way to show your other half you really care? With a gift you get to enjoy yourself that’s how!

Forget flowers, chocolates or jewellery, getting couples tattoos is a memory you will never forget plus it’s a great excuse to get more ink!

We have put together a 33 of the best tattoo ideas for couples, or even you and your bestie to show how much your care.

1. Lock & Key Tattoos

When they have the key to your heart.

Lock & key Tattoos

2. Cute Finger Tattoos

I love you ... I know babe X

Cute Finger Tattoos

3. Tree of Life Hand Tattoos

Our love will grow forever

tree of life hand tattoos

4. Tie the Knot Finger Tattoos

We will never be torn apart

tie the knot finger tattoos

5. Sun and Moon Wrist Tattoos

Tell me the story about how the Sun loved the Moon so much he died every night to let her breathe.

Sun & Moon Tattoos

6. Forrest Finger Ring Tattoos

An Endless and Eternal Love

Trees Forrect Tattoos

7. Compass Nautical Tattoos

You are My True North

nautical compass tattoo

8. King & Queen of Hearts Tiny Tattoos

Always in my heart

King & Queen of Hearts

9. Puzzle Pieces Tattoo

You are the missing piece of me

Puzzle Pieces Tattoo

10. Matching Palm Tree Tattoos

When marimba rhythms starts to play, Dance with me, Make me sway

palm tree tattoos

11. Honey Bee Tattoos

Like Honey to a Bee

honey bee tattoo

12. Yin & Yang Tattoo

Opposites attract and create a whole

yin & yang tattoo

13. Dragon Tattoos

Our love burns like eternal fire 

Dragon Tattoos

14. Summer Winter Tree Tattoo

Together Through Every Season 

Summer Winter tree Tattoo


15. Bow & Arrow Wrist Tattoos

Struck by Cupids Arrow 

Bow & Arrow Tattoo

16. Matching Diamond Tattoos

Diamonds are forever

diamond tattoos

18. Infinity Symbol Matching Tattoos

Unlimited, Endless, without Bound

Infinity Symbol Tattoo

19. His & Hers Skull Tattoos

Till death do us part

till death tattoo

20. 2 Halves Butterfly Wings Tattoo

You complete me

butterfly wings tattoo

21. Avocado Halves Tattoo

I wanna eat you for breakfast

avocado tattoo

22. Pizza Slice Tattoos

You have a pizza my heart

pizza slice tattoos

23. Moon & Sun with Script Tattoo

live by the sun, love by the moon

sun and moon tattoo

24. Holding String Tattoo

Never Letting you go

string tattoo

25. Heart & Wings Tattoo

You are the wind beneath my wings

heart & wings tattoo

26. Flower & Script Tattoos

Always & Forever

alway & forever tattoo

27. Astronaut & Moon Tattoo

I love you to the moon and back

moon tattoo space

28. Pyramid Line Rings Tattoo

As strong as the base of the Pyramids

29. Stagg & Doe Tattoos

Run Free & True

stagg & doe Tattoo

30. His & hers Crown Tattoos

Be my Queen, I'll be your King

crown tattoos

31. Swimming Koi Fish Tattoos

Swim together forever

koi tattoo

32. Lion & Lioness Tattoos

King of the Jungle & his Queen

lion & loiness couples tattoo

33. Angel Wings Tattoo

You must hve fallen from heaven


We hope youlike these great tattoo ideas for couples, now pick yourself up a Tattoo Lovers Bundle and make you next gift pain free!

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