• Adrian

    I have been getting tattoos for over 30 years, and have never used numbing cream, until yesterday. I was getting my inner bicep finished so thought I'd give the cream a go. I have to say I'm very impressed. For the first hour I couldn't feel a thing. After a while it started to wear off a little, so some spots were a bit ouchy, but nothing major. I will definitely be using the cream for the more sensitive spots in the furture!

  • Eddy

    Bought the tattoo numbing cream & after care cleanser & healing cream, yes absolutely brilliant, no pain barely felt the tattoo needle, even the colour application, the cleanser & cream awesome too, don't need much healing cream it covers well odourless & soothing unlike other brands, highly recommend it, yes a little pricy but worth every cent, why sit through hours of discomfort when you don't have too, try it you won't look back, only thing you will want more tattoo's :-) Edbear

  • Moka Nekelo

    I love that this is an Australian product I used TN numbing cream for my medium sized tattoo. I applied to clean dry skin It spreads easily and gives great coverage I studied the video shown on Instagram because I wanted this to work! within 30 mins it actually made my leg reasonably numb within an hour it was completely numb! My pain free tattoo lasted 4 hours It washes off easily. It's a great product to use before getting any tattoos done I highly recommend TN numbing cream if you hate pain.

  • Stephen Smith

    Got to to be like the BEST numbing cream I’ve EVER used!!! I was doubting a little to be honest, as I’ve used numbing cream before and it’s never worked but this stuff!!!! Oh boy didn’t feel a thing and the customer service is just second to none… so stop shopping else where and get on there website as they are flipp’in awesome 👌🙏🏻👍🏻

  • MEEZY478

    Omg wow my wife used this cream for her inner thigh piece and after 6 hours she still didn’t feel anything will be recommending this to everybody !

  • Ross Bradbury

    Worked really well 5+ hours on leg tattoo, barely flet anything after the 4hr mark, really easy to use

  • Sharon Brown

    It was my fist tattoo and I used the numbing cream I can't speak highly enough about it I was so scared that I will feel the tattoo but I didn't feel a thing ill be using again and recommending to friends and family

  • Monica

    Highly recommend! Such a versatile and top quality product! I used it before my skin needling appointment and it was a life saver! Made my treatment pain free and caused no irritation whatsoever. Will be a returning customer for life!! Thank you!

  • Jamal Warideh

    This product is just incredible. Applied the cream and hardly felt a single piece of the tattoo gun.
    HIGHLY recommend to anyone looking to get a tattoo!!
    Thank you Tattoo Numbing Aus, will def be using you again for my next session!

  • Allana Martin

    I put my son onto this, he wasn't going to use it but I insisted he thought it wouldn't work, but... was very impressed, he's now shared it with his mates..👌👌

  • Christian Wickremasinghe

    This product worked flawlessly! I would recommend it to anyone looking for a pain free tattoo!
    Good job guys!

  • Sinead Wilson

    Honestly the best product out!! Have used this product multiple times for my tattoos and also Microblading. Always makes for a more enjoyable and relaxing experience! The aftercare and cleanser was incredible for a more speedy healing process and not having a Flacky/itchy sensation afterwards! Could not recommend these products enough ❤️

  • Moniquewa Williams

    This cream literally saved my life ! Was so scared to get tattoos cause of the pain and now it’s actually painless thanks to this numbing cream! Thank you! 🙏🏾

  • Jay Funk

    Really effective cream! I have very sensitive skin but had no issues with this one would recommend to anyone!!

  • Jordan Foon

    Great product, super fast shipping!
    Def would use again, highly recommended

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