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How to Apply TN100 Numbing Cream

Step One.

Thouroughly clean the area, then dry well and apply rubber gloves.

Step Two.

Apply a generous amount of TN100 to the area and rub this in for 30 seconds, be sure to cover beyond just the area to be tatooed.

Step Three.

Cover the same area with a thick layer of cream (1-2 mm), spread even over the whole area to be numbed, but do not rub it in.

Step Four.

Wrap the whole area in plastic wrap, making sure to create a firm seal, this helps to generate heat which activates the numbing cream.

Step Five.

For maximum results, leave wrapped up for at least 1 to 2 hours, and upto 3 hours, the longer you leave wrapped the longer the numbing will last.

Step Six.

Clean off thoroughly and you are ready for 4 to 5 hours of pain free tattooing, reapply when needed for longer lasting numbing. For large areas, only clean off the area you are about to tattoo and leave cream in place until working on that area.

Tattoo After Care

Taking care of your new tattoo is essential as the skin has suffered trauma and needs the best possible conditions for healing. This includes keeping the area clean and free from infection while keeing the skin moisturised and protected.

After cleaning you should apply our Official After Care Ointment, to assist in healing, while moisturizing & soothing the skin, reducing irritation & inflammation. Apply 3-4 times a day or as often as required untill healed.

Important: Do not apply over broken skin.

Active Ingredients: Lidocaine, Prilocaine, Epinephrine

Reactions: A small amount of reddness is common after application due to flushing of the skin, this is a natural effect from the Epinephrine helping to absorb the anesthetics.

If you have very sensitive skin or known reactions to anesthitics we reccomend you spot test some cream on your skin and leave for an hour prior to full application. A very small percentage of people can have a reaction to the active ingredients, if you have severe redness or irritation, wash throughly with cold water.