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TN100 - Premium Tattoo Numbing Cream

  • Reduce Stress

    Relieve the stress & anxiey of getting a tattoo & go pain free! You no longer have to worry about making it through your session with TN100 deep numbing.

  • Sit for Longer

    Make the most of your tattoo session with TN100 numbing cream. Complete larger pieces in a single session, avoid breaks or tapping out before its finished.

  • Maximise Results

    How to be the perfect canvas? Sit like a statue and let your artist do their best work. Then treat your new ink with our range of aftercare to protect & heal the skin.

TN100 - Tattoo Numbing Cream

Australia’s Best

Our New Deep Numb Formula is up to 50% more effective than other brands when applied correctly. Provides up to 5+ hours of pain free tattooing.

Guaranteed numbing for tattooing, laser removal and cosmetic treatments.

Trusted by professionals who use the best!

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Premium aftercare

Heal & Protect

Care for your new tattoo with our range of premium skincare products including our Official Aftercare Ointment with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E, Tattoo Safe Daily Cleanser & Second Skin Waterproof Bandages.

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Retail Display Packs

Get 25 Tubes of TN100 Premium Numbing Cream in our new retail display pack.

Shelf or counter ready making it easy to offer to your tattoo customers.

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