Best Numbing Cream in New Zealand

Best Numbing Cream in New Zealand

Looking for the best numbing cream in New Zealand?

TN100 Premium Tattoo Numbing Cream 

Introducing the newest innovation in the tattooing world: TN100 Premium Tattoo Numbing Cream! Say goodbye to the pain and hello to a more comfortable tattooing experience. Make your next appointment even more enjoyable with this premium numbing cream. Get ready to feel the difference!

New Extra Strength Formula

Our TN100 Premium Tattoo Numbing Cream is specially formulated to provide maximum pain relief during the tattooing process and has proved to be up to 50% more effective than other brands. Our cream contains a powerful blend of lidocaine, prilocaine and benzocaine which work together to numb the skin and minimize discomfort.. Not only does our numbing cream provide effective pain relief, but it does so without interfeering with the ink colour or the healing process. This means No pain, All gain!

Don't let fear or anxiety hold you back from getting the tattoos you've always wanted. With TN100 Premium Tattoo Numbing Cream, there's no need to endure unnecessary pain or discomfort during your next appointment. Order now and experience a more comfortable tattooing experience with TN100 Premium Tattoo Numbing Cream!

New Zealands Strongest Numbing Cream 

When it comes to tattooing, the pain can be unbearable for some. That's why a good numbing cream is essential to make the experience more comfortable. And if you're looking for the strongest numbing cream out there, then look no further than New Zealand's TN100 Premium Tattoo Numbing Cream. This bad boy packs a punch with its 85% lidocaine content, making it one of the most potent numbing creams on the market.

Long Lasting Deep Numb

If your looking at some major pieces and long sessions in the chair you will be gland of TN100's long lasting effects providing up to 5 hours deep numbing when applied correctly and left for the maximum time. but not only will you sit longer, you will sit better, with less figeting allowing your artist to do thier best work. win win!

It's not just about the strength, we also suply a great range of tattoo after care products with a blend of natural ingredients like aloe vera and vitamin e to soothe and moisturize the skin. So not only will you be numb, but your skin will also be well taken care of after the tattooing process.

So if you're ready pass on the pain and get that tattoo you've been dreaming of, then TN100 Premium Tattoo Numbing Cream is your new best friend.

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