Why Choose Tattoo Numbing Australia – Interview with the Founders Tattoo Numbing Australia

Why Choose Tattoo Numbing Australia – Interview with the Founders

Why Choose Tattoo Numbing Australia

Why Choose Tattoo Numbing Australia? Well the answer is simple, if you care about your skin and your tattoos then you will only want to use high quality premium tattoo numbing and aftercare products and at Tattoo Numbing Australia we only supply the best!

How did you get started in Tattoo Numbing?

We ran a boutique tattoo studio in Australia for several years and noticed more an more customers were asking about numbing cream. Many customers would bring in numbing creams for their tattoo and our team would apply it before each session which is how we learnt the best application methods and the varying results of different brands. We found that customers who used numbing cream were able to sit stiller for longer and were able to get larger pieces done in a shorter time. We could see right away what a benefit to the customer this was.

Why did you start Tattoo Numbing Australia?

From the number of people requesting numbing cream in the tattoo studio and asking if we knew a good place to get quality numbing cream, we knew there was a need for a local supplier of quality numbing cream in Australia. After the studio was sold, we had all this industry knowledge and experience to put to use so we decided to focus just on the tattoo numbing and aftercare products as we knew there were lots of customers struggling to find genuine quality products that could be shipped quickly and reliably, so Tattoo Numbing Australia was born.

Why did you decide to create your own numbing cream brand?

After a year of selling some of the most well-known brand numbing creams, building up the business and fine tuning our process we came to a realization that no matter how much we guaranteed the product and even though we knew 100% we were selling the genuine article, many people we spoke to had a poor experience with TKTX or other brands where they had been sold a fake or the product did not live up to their expectations. Because there are so many cheap copies available online, we knew we would always come up against this issue and the only way we could build real confidence in our service and guarantee our products was to develop our own brand of numbing cream, which is how we got TN100 – Premium Tattoo Numbing Cream.

Why Choose Tattoo Numbingt Australia TN100 Premium Numbing Cream over other Brands?

TN100 is Australia’s Strongest Numbing Cream and we guarantee is effectiveness. We were very lucky that we had been working directly with the factory from the beginning and not buying through a middle man, so we had a good relationship with the manufacturer. Our sales history with them gave them the confidence to work with us and invest their time to help develop our own formula. Like most numbing creams the primary numbing agent is Lidocaine & we have a higher % thank most numbing creams on the market, Prilocaine is a secondary numbing agent, used in combination they numb both the skin surface and the nerve endings to provide the best overall numbing action, finally Epinephrine which is a form of adrenaline, this helps the numbing agents penetrate deep into the nerves for maximum effect plus prolong the action of the anaesthetics. The active ingredients are in a high-quality base cream with additional ingredients to help sooth the skin and prevent infection unique to Tattoo Numbing Australia.

Tell us about your After Care Ointment?

In the Tattoo Shop we had tried a wide variety of Tattoo After Care Products, Creams, Sprays, Moisturisers & Ointments so we had a lot of first-hand experience on how tattooed skin reacts and more importantly from our own tattoos, how they healed.

We noticed many of the fancier creams actually interfered with the tattoo healing and even caused ink to fall out or cause other reactions with the fresh tattoo.

What we found was that the best aftercare creams created a thin protective barrier over the fresh tattoo, and the more natural, colour and fragrance free the better.

In our opinion the Tattoo Numbing Official Aftercare Ointment provides the perfect balance of protection and healing without overcomplicating things. An all-natural ointment that is easy to apply, maintains a protective layer over the tattoo and is infused with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera to soothe the skin and reduce any itchiness which is key to stop you from scratching and potentially infecting your tattoo. It keeps the tattoo moist but not too wet and provides the ideal environment for your tattoo to heal. We believe it’s the most effective aftercare on the market.

Why should people use the Gentle Foam Wash?

We strongly believe that the right tattoo aftercare is essential to achieve the best possible tattoo outcome, both in the vibrance and longevity of the tattoo. We can’t do anything about the skill of the tattoo artist but we can ensure the best possible environment for your tattoo to heal correctly.

An often-overlooked part of the healing process is the cleaning of your tattoo, almost all soaps and body washes contain artificial colors, perfumes and parabens that can have a negative effect on the tattoo healing process and cause irritation to the broken skin and even cause ink to fall out of your tattoo.

Our tattoo safe foam cleanser is perfect to help keep your fresh ink clean and free of infection without the need to overly rub the broken skin.

We have also found it is the perfect way to prepare your skin prior to applying your numbing cream, removing all grime & skin care products providing a clean slate for maximum penetration of the numbing agents.

You can get our Gentle Foam Wash, Official Aftercare Ointment and TN100 Premium Tattoo Numbing cream together in one of our great value bundles to ensure a pain free and fast healing tattoo experience.

What does the future hold for Tattoo Numbing Australia?

Our goal is to become Australia’s most trusted source for highly effective tattoo numbing cream and aftercare products. Like our customers we love tattoo art and want to share our passion for high quality tattoo products with them. The amazing feedback and support we have received from our customers has been overwhelming and we look forward to help numb, cleanse and soothe their future tattoos so they can show off their amazing artwork to the world.

This is why you should choose Tattoo Numbing Australia .

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