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Realistic Temporary Tattoos - Great Fun for Kids! - (Large A5 Size)

Realistic Temporary Tattoos - Great Fun for Kids! - (Large A5 Size)

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Mixed Designs - Large A5 Realistic Movie Quality Temporary Tattoos

These professional temporary tattoos are premium quality, easy to apply, and last 3-5 days.

Kids absolutely love them and everyone is amazed by how real they look.

Also fun for dress-ups and a great way to test out a new tattoo location before you get the real thing!


  1. Make sure the skin is clean and dry
  2. Remove the clear plastic protective film
  3. Apply temporary tattoo face down on the skin
  4. Apply a wet/damp cloth or sponge to the backing paper until it has soaked through applying gentle pressure to make sure the tattoo is in full contact with the skin
  5. Carefully remove the backing paper, peeling from one corner all the way off.
  6. Use warm soap and water to remove  
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